Five major science fiction conferences in the world


Every year, there are conventions and expos where fans and enthusiasts can meet to celebrate their favorite TV shows, movies, characters, and stories. It’s our job at L.A. Con 4 to update you with everything sci-fi, so here’s 5 of the BEST and BIGGEST Conventions you can go to.

1. Comic-Con


Every year, fans all over the world meet and celebrate science fiction at the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). This conference showcases everything from comic books to film, TV and sci-fi works of art. Using a crossover of pop culture and entertainment, the SDCC allows fans of the genre to buy and share their favorite toys, comics, apparel, manga, cards and collectibles with like-minded individuals. Here people watch teasers of upcoming movies and TV shows while getting a chance to meet their favorite actors, actresses, artists and creators of the genre.

2. Worldcon


Since the 1930’s, Worldcon, or the World Science Fiction Convention has been a place for sci-fi enthusiasts taking places in different cities every year. This 2017, Worldcon will be held in Helsinki, Finland. This convention flies from nation to nation as a tradition to support all the sci-fi lovers in the world.

3. Dragon Con


The Dragon Con is the place to be every Labor Day Weekend because it simply has everything. What’s amazing about this convention is that is started out as a small comic convention which has grown into a behemoth of music, art, and science fiction. For convention goers, Dragon Con is one of the best places you can go if you love the genre.

4. Fedcon


FedCon or the Federation Convention is the largest convention in Europe. Each spring, Star Trek fans, and other enthusiasts meet in Bonn, Germany. FedCon started as a place for Star Trek fans to convene and share their love for the franchise, but it has transformed into a place for Science Fiction movies and pieces of Fantasy for each attendant to enjoy.

5. Chiller Theater


The Chiller Theatre is a film, toy and model expo dedicated to the fans of the horror genre. Chiller Theatre was originally a Saturday night TV program showing old horror movies and it has become an expo for the fans to enjoy the genre while meeting the iconic people from classic horror films.

6 thoughts on “Five major science fiction conferences in the world

  1. As a Sci-Fi lover, WorldCon is my ultimate destination. Yet having Chiller theater on the list really is a failure. Anyway that’s my opinion!

    1. I always strive to be realistic. Neglecting the less popular like Chiller theater is “injustice” in a way towards them.

  2. I’ve been on a lot of local and global science fiction conventions. But non of them compare to World Con. Can’t wait for Helsinki held convention in 2016. Sweden here I come…..

  3. When it comes to whatever it deals with science fiction whether movies or conferences or whatever, I can’t deflect… I love them !!

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