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L.A.con IV: Press Release #12, June 6, 2006

L.A.con IV
The 64th World Science Fiction Convention
P.O. Box 8442
Van Nuys CA 91409 


L.A.con IV Daily Rates Announced

One-Day Memberships Now Available Online

World Science Fiction Convention membership is now open to anyone interested in the fascinating world of science fiction. Just like the genre itself, there are many different kinds of membership available.
L.A.con IV will now sell “one-day” memberships in addition to full admittance memberships on their website. “One-day” memberships will allow people to attend just one day of the conventionin casethose interested cannot attend all five days that are included with afull membership purchase.

One-day membership rates are as follows:

  • Wednesday, 23 August $60
  • Thursday, 24 August $75
  • Friday, 25 August $75
  • Saturday, 26 August $75
  • Sunday, 27 August $50

Every One-Day membership purchase includes admittance to selected day convention activities, including all evening activities. While there is no official convention schedule as of yet,activities will begin on Wednesday at approximately 2PM. Activities begin at approximately 10AM on all other convention days,with certain activities lasting late into the evening. On Sunday, activities will wrap up at approximately 3PM.

When purchasing one-day memberships in advance, be sure to specify which day the person will attend. (Please note: “Taster” memberships can only be purchased on-site).

For additional convention details, please visit the convention website at .

All information about the upcoming convention can be found on our website at or by writing to email There is even information on how to book specially-discounted rooms, as low as $99 per night, available in single, double, triple, and quad.

L.A.con IV, the 64th World Science Fiction Convention, will be held August 23-27, 2006, in Anaheim, California. Our Guests of Honor are Connie Willis (author), James Gurney (artist), Howard DeVore (fan), and Frankie Thomas (special). See us on the internet at

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Van Nuys CA 91409

The 64th World Science Fiction Convention, known as L.A.con IV, will take place in Anaheim, California from Wednesday, 23 August through Sunday, 27 August, 2006. Membership rates and additional information about L.A.con IV is available on their website ( or by contacting us (email)
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