The Top 3 World Science Fiction Conventions

world con sci fi convention

As popular new movies and video games are continuously added to the genre, attendance at science fiction conventions grows every year. A wide variety of people attend these conventions, from programmers to cashiers to doctors to authors of all ages, all sharing a passion for reading and watching science fiction. The events are held all over the world and vary in size, from a few hundred attendees to multiple thousands.

Science fiction cons allow audiences to see the boundless reaches of the human imagination, to view what possibilities the future and alternate realities could hold, as imagined by writers and creators in the genre. Science fiction can offer a lot of hope for possibilities in a world wrought with constant conflict. And the conventions can offer a sense of community and recognition to the creative minds within this genre.
There are so many science fiction conventions to choose from. Here are three of the most popular sci-fi cons this world has to offer.

1. WorldCon


Perhaps one of the oldest science fiction conventions in the world, WorldCon was once known as The World Science Fiction Convention and has been held every year since 1939, except understandably during a few years during World War II.

WorldCon is hosted by cities all over the world, and is the site where the prestigious science fiction awards, the Hugo Awards, are presented to science fiction writers, directors and artists every year. Winning a Hugo Award is the highest honor for creators in the science fiction genre.

The 64th annual WorldCon was titled L.A.con IV in Los Angeles, California, and featured guests of honor like American science fiction writer Connie Willis and actor Frankie Thomas from Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. The Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form (otherwise known as a feature length film) was awarded to Joss Whedon’s movie Serenity. The last WorldCon occurred in Spokane, Washington last year, entitled Sasquan. The Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form that year was given to the popular movie Guardians of the Galaxy, directed by James Gunn.

WorldCon draws a lot of big names and features a number of interesting events throughout the convention, such as an art show, autographing sessions, live-action gaming, movie screenings, panel discussions, speeches from guests of honor, and music events such as filking. WorldCon even includes a live Klingon Opera, which surely cannot be seen anywhere else.

comic con international 2006 san diego

2. San Diego Comic-Con International

The San Diego Comic-Con began in the summer of 1970 and the four-day event has been held annually ever since in San Diego, California. Forbes has called it “the largest convention of its kind in the world,” and well over 100,000 people are in attendance every single year. This con’s focus goes beyond comic books, showcasing any pop culture favorites in science fiction/fantasy movies, games and television.

Due to the popularity of this event, seen by many as the mother of all Comic-Cons, the San Diego Comic-Con attracts a lot of star power. The entertainment industry benefits from previewing their upcoming movies and series here to massive and enthusiastic audiences.

Starting in 1974, the San Diego Comic-Con gives a lucky winner an annual Inkpot Award. The award is a high honor for professionals in the fields of comic books and science fiction, including writers, artists, and publishers. The Inkpot Award has been given to well-known people such as the science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, comic book writer and producer Stan Lee, filmmaker George Lucas, fantasy writer Terry Brooks, and Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki.

This convention has so much to do that it can be overwhelming, and it’s impossible for anyone who attends to possibly see everything. There are panels, seminars, professional workshops, upcoming movie previews, portfolio review sessions, awards ceremonies, costume contests, and even more. This is the ultimate destination for the science fiction fan.

sonvergence sci fi convention

3. Convergence

CONVergence is a popular annual fan-run non-profit science fiction/fantasy convention that occurs over four days and has over 6,000 members. This con happens every year at the Doubletree by Hilton Bloomington in Minnesota. There are many different options for the attendee to see and take part in, including panels, speeches, DJs, demonstrations, and movie screenings.

Movies are screened in several different locations every year. In Cinema Rex, attendees can watch movies in a room filled with couches and recliners. In a room titled Theater Nippon, anime movies and series are screened. Some other rooms include Connie’s Space Lounge, which is a place to chill and listen to music, Harmonic CONVergence where attendees can listen to music, and the Dorian Gray Memorial Literary Lounge, a place where people can read and share their writing.

Although this convention doesn’t give out any specific awards, there is a guest of honor present every year. In the past, the guests of honor have been famous writer Neil Gaiman, Star Wars Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew, and writer Mercedes Lackey.

The Top 3 World Science Fiction Conventions – Conclusion

We just present the best three world sci-fi conventions ever. Did we miss any? Please comment bellow.

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