Star Trek: Beyond (2016) Movie Review

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To begin with, Trekkies will love Star Trek: Beyond. This is a movie specially made by and for them. Those who were complaining before about the 2009’s reboot and some said really bad things about Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan in Into The Darkness, will find out that this movie, with a screenplay written by Simon Pegg, is a love letter to all Trekkies.
With tons of Easter eggs, references to old Star Trek movies and even some big pluses about the mentioning of certain things that will be exciting happenings for fans of the saga, this is just a tribute to the old TV series and the old cast, which will make every nostalgic fall off his seat.

Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Chekov (Anton Yelchin), Sulu (John Choo) and Scott (Simon Pegg)… The original crew of the USS Enterprise with the same new cast members has come back for a third movie after the reboot assembled by J.J Abrams under the direction of Justin Lin. In this movie, the Enterprise crossed the last frontier penetrating in the unknown to find out a war-minded species which just tries to expand and conquest the whole known universe.
Herein, Star Trek: Beyond proposes a new adventure of the USS Enterprise’s crew, in which the intrepid group of space adventurers of the United Federation of Planets will have to face Krall (Idris Elba) and his swarm of alien forces that want to conquest the whole universe with the use of a strange and powerful alien artifact.

This third delivery of Star Trek reboots in cinemas has learned to read the minds of all Trekkies who were complaining. Justin Lin didn’t only recover the hopes of all fans but recreated and made a tribute to the whole saga’s spirit and even so, remembered all fans that the old Spock (Leonard Nimoy) just died with a wonderful and heartwarming scene.
Lin gets carried away with certain kind of action and use of special effects that wasn’t expected, coming to the point of almost exceeding and trusting too much in the genre features of science fiction. The thing that saves this over-exceeding action is the penetrating music from Michael Giacchino (Jurassic Word, Zootopia, Inside Out) who made a wonderful soundtrack and saved the movie from being an over-packed action flick with his awesome compositions.

The script from Simon Pegg and Doug Jung works perfectly when it comes to developing dialogues between the characters, and all their personal relationships and ancestral hammer playing. The pairing between Scottie and Bones (Pegg and Karl Urban) is the central shaft of the movie and the relationship with the funniest moments in the movie, which coming from the beginning develops a wonderful sense of humor that advances through the movie to end up being a wonderful fun and interesting screenplay.

Love, the Last Frontier

The quick romantic scenes between Spock and Uhura (Zachary Quinto and Saldana) get almost all attention for love fans, however, the movie adds some diversity trough the relationship of Sulu (Choo) who appears to be in a relationship with another man and a child in their care.
The decision to give some life to the personal life of this character, even when it doesn’t change anything from the plot or storyline, is totally thought to give some tribute to the memory of George Takei who was Sulu in the old series and movies and eventually came out of the closet in 2005.Pegg affirmed that Sulu’s sexual orientation wasn’t confirmed and that was because his personal life was never important or relevant, until now.
Zachary Quinto who gives life to Spock in the movie is totally fine with how this was managed by Pegg. He has said that everything in the way the movie portrays homosexual behavior is totally fine and it feels like that because the majority of people who had seen the movie have given a positive response to this matter. He also affirms that giving the way this movie is being managed from 2009 until now, J.J Abrams has created an alternative universe, or better said, he has added new things to the movie that were eventually filled out with an important acceptance of the audience.
That’s what this movie is all about, diversity and understanding. The subject is treated with total ease and excellent taste from the writers, something that adds a great feel and a praiseworthy environment.

Going Back To the Series – Star Trek: Beyond

Star Trek: Beyond reaffirms the franchise looking back to the series and even letting the episodic character of the Enterprise missions that Kirk was bored of. In a certain way, the whole adventure is like a really long episode of the series that makes some kind of crack in the rhythm of how the movie develops. Probably, the movie could have been less long for a story so simple, however, the structure Justin Lin uses to develop all scenes is wonderfully performed to give some functionality and engage the audience.

New Additions – Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

Krall, the new villain has a developing that makes him more interesting while the movie goes on, but in the first peek of the character, he seems a little disappointing with typical features of a villain, way apart from what Cumberbatch did with Khan. Idris couldn’t perform perfectly due to an artificial face mask that covers most of his face in the whole movie, maybe this was the thing that eroded his acting abilities.
The great adding of Sofia Boutella as Jaylah makes a great first impression, his acting is just wonderful and the characterization makes an awesome impact, Sofía does a great job while still gives some space to improvements in the future, a promising addition to the cast.
All localizations of the filming were a key spot on the greatness of this movie, the artistic direction was wonderful and the costumes designs were awesome. Everything makes a great unity to deliver a wonderful movie that gives new ideas and goes back to the old ones, making every Star Trek Fans fall off his seat and come back again to a promising future story.

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