explanation of science fiction

What is Science Fiction? | Best New Science Fiction Movies

Although many have found science fiction fascinating for decades now, largely thanks to major hits like Star Wars and Star Trek, new additions to films and video games help to continually increase the popularity of the genre. Movies that we may not initially think of as science fiction, such as superhero movies, unwittingly introduce people into the fandom. When we think of science fiction, the first images that come to mind are probably spaceships and humans flying through an endless field of stars. But what actually is science fiction?

Science fiction doesn’t have an ‘spotless’ clean cut definition, though there are many traits that history and experts can agree upon. Overall, it is a genre that seeks to answer the big question, “What if?” The “What if?” scenarios usually involve change sparked by scientific discoveries, technological innovations, natural events, time travel, parallel dimensions or shifts in society. Plots often involve the impact of science upon society or individuals.


In the process of exploring this impact, the genre often involves a lot of commentary on human nature and different societies at large. This exploration is often philosophical and political in nature.

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