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Speaking of rational (sober) sequences in Sci-Fi movies is an absolute tremendous bump. Considering the fact that they aren’t produced to be realistic. You can quote us on that!

best real science fiction movies

As much as The Wachowski Brothers try to persuade us in the Matrix triology with plugging into the Matrix is easy as it gets, or J.J. Abrams convinces us that civilizations (read aliens) in Star Wars: The Force Awakens wander around the galaxy while trying to destroy each other, is alluring and furthermore REALISTIC, the average viewer doesn’t quite consider it that way.

With a lot of high tech technology getting ‘pumped’ into movie production alike 3D & 4K cameras, graphic effects, Sci – Movies are crossing the edge. Mingling with other movie genres is a practice especially action & comedy.

The Film industry isn’t robust in any way when producing Sci-Fi movies. With admirable new upcoming sci fi movies being generated in a lightning bolt fast time frame it’s a bit hard to catch up! Only then, after hours days weeks and years viewers turn a page on boring sci fi movies that don’t even try to make sense (remember the old K – Pax (2001)) or this one here.

We at lacon4 an old school sci fi fans have gathered a list of must watch realistic sci fi new & old blockbusters that are a MUST watch for all those kiddies out there. Enjoy the ride. A whatsoever realistic ride.


Interstellar (2014)insterstellar

The 2014 blockbuster Interstellar had amazing visuals, top-notch acting, and story telling, but did you know that this movie could be realistic? Okay, besides the inter-dimensional strange bookcase at the end, everything else seems scientifically sound. The movie showed us one of the best and most realistic depictions of accepted physics theories. It’s evident that Christopher Nolan treated his film with utmost care; by doing his research.

In the process of making the film, Christopher Nolan worked closely with a Kip Thorne who was an actual physics professor from the California Institute of Technology. Nolan and his team truly created a film that sci-fi fans and moviegoers can enjoy while getting a taste of how space could feel like.

Wall-E (2008)

Despite Wall-E being a cute movie for kids to enjoy, it’s theme of the earth being a wasteland of garbage is possible. walle e We don’t know if our planet will be filled with garbage in the next 500 years because we all won’t live that long, but with the rate of waste disposal nowadays, we’ll probably run out of places to dump trash. With our current advances in technology, we might have little Wall-E robots in the future!

The Martian (2015)the martian 2015

This movie was declared the most scientifically accurate movie ever because of Andy Weir’s efforts. Scientists,

experts, and regular humans all agree that The Martian captured the true essence of space travel. Every bit of the movie’s visuals, physics, and science was entirely based on facts and theories.

Apparently, the mini potato farm that Mark Watney cultivated is possible to do. The original novel’s writer, Andy Weir, made sure that all of Mark’s (Matt Damon) survival strategies were scientifically correct.

Thanks to Weir’s diligence, The Martian was one of the biggest movies of 2015 and has become one of the favorites of sci-fi fans and scientists alike!

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  1. The Martian has ridiculous plot! An astronaut is left for a period of time on another planet and he’s already called a martian! It is so unfair and discriminative.

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