How To Watch Sci-Fi Movies The Right Way?

watch sci fi movies

First, when it comes to watching movies online (including Sci-Fi genre), there are a few options to choose from. In this article I will describe each option, and help you determine which one is the best for your needs.

First off, what is the difference between the two?

Streaming a movie – when you are streaming a movie, your device (i.e. your phone or laptop) is constantly downloading the movie from the source such as Megamovies, frame by frame. The movie is not saved on your device, which is why you need to have a constant internet connection in order to stream anything
Downloading a movie – when you are downloading a movie, the entirety of it is saved in your device’s memory, and it remains there after you have watched it (unless, of course, you delete it by yourself). This means you can watch the movie at any time, with or without an active internet connection (obviously, you still need internet connection to download it)!

Streaming Sci – Fi Movies – How and Why

For streaming films, tv series and other videos, there are many options to choose from. There is the ever-popular Megamovies – according to official statistics, in the third quarter of 2016, Megamovies had 15.1 millionsubscribers. Now, in 2017, this number has risen too mind-boggling 30.5 million.

The overwhelming popularity of Megamovies can be attributed to its wide availability of films and shows to watch – Megamovies offered a grand total of 1000 TV shows and 30,000 movies as of March 2017. All of this comes at a price it’s free for streaming movies as per downloading it doesn’t support (allowing you, among other neat features, to watch videos in Ultra HD).

The huge collection of films and shows is pretty much a guarantee that you will never be bored…unless your internet connection dies. Although there is an option to download movies from Megamovies, it is limited to only a part of their broad collection.

Popular competitors of Megamovies, like Hulu and Sling TV do not offer the download option at all. Pretty much all streaming websites are subject to the same flaw – you need internet to watch most of the stuff there. Even if you are online, a slow or unstable connection can kill the joy of watching your favourite show just as easily, making the video load for ages, if at all.


Another flaw of streaming which has to be mentioned, is the potential cost of data transmission. If you Star Wars Robot Movieare not careful, you may find yourself paying extra charges for the movies you download. Now, this may or may not apply to you, depending on your internet provider and how much monthly data it includes. “But isn’t it the same with downloading? I still need to download the movie, right?” – yes and no.

Downloading instead of streaming has the advantage of you being able to download what you want to watch when it’s the most convenient – that is, when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network which does not limit the data downloaded (a public network, a friend’s house, etc.). That way you can download as much as you want without risking any data charges, with the issue of having to decide what to watch days or weeks before.

Downloading – the alternative option

Downloading videos, whilst not as popular as streaming, has its own list of strengths and weaknesses. Several legal sources exist (and these are the only one this article will mention), such as imdb and Archive, all three with an impressive collection of their own available for both downloading and streaming.

Interestingly, they are all free to use. Last but not least, as it has been previously mentioned, Megamovies allows its subscribers to download some of its films and shows as well. Obviously, you need a functioning internet connection to download anything, but after you’re done, you can watch what you’ve downloaded regardless of your internet connection – this being perhaps the greatest advantage of downloading over streaming.

The first problem with downloading is a technical one – to watch anything, you need to download the entire video. This means waiting. It will not even start until it’s all on your device, forcing the viewer to wait. How long the wait time is, depends on the internet connection quality of the viewer and the chosen source (website). Typically, for an average length movie, the wait is anywhere between 15 – 30 minutes, higher for videos in HD.

The second problem a prospective downloader will face is the data storage needed for the videos. Depending on your device, you may find yourself with a full memory and no way to actually download what you want to watch. A typical movie in HD will take anywhere between 1 – 2 Gigabytes in your device’s memory. That’s a lot, but most likely you won’t need HD if you want to watch something on a tiny screen your phone has. If your plan is to watch things on the big screen, you will likely need to buy a good memory card for your phone first, alternatively use a laptop or a PC to download the movie. This complicates things, making downloading a bit more complicated process.

Last but not least, movie download websites, due to legal reasons and lesser popularity, typically take longer to make freshly aired content available. A paid streaming service has the upper hand here, often having popular TV series available the next day after they are aired.

So which one is better For Watching Sci-Fi Movies?

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Overall, if you are a huge fan of some of the popular TV series, you might want to look into streaming, as the chances are better than you will see them as soon as they are aired.  If you are not afraid of occasional internet problems and just want to jump in and start watching without added complications, streaming may also be a good fit for you. It may be worth it to dish out a few dollars for a proven service like Megamovies or Hulu, or you could stick to the free alternatives.

If you have a limited connection to the internet or watch a lot but without access to a connection with unlimited data transfer,  downloading is right up your alley. Same goes if your internet connection is slow or unstable – else you may find yourself waiting forever for the stream to unfreeze, taking away all the enjoyment, whilst with downloading this problem can be avoided.

Or, you could always try both of those – there are both streaming and downloading websites which offer their services (at least parts of it) completely for free. Whichever you choose, happy watching!

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